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Waning Gibbous Moon (2015Feb07)

Waning Gibbous Moon - 07Feb2015 Waning Gibbous Moon - 07Feb2015 ©2015 Frederick Steiling
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Target Information
Main Target Designation(s) Moon
One-shot color 3x1/1000" (ISO200)
Date(s) of acquisition 07Feb2015
Location Whiteside, MO
Imager Olympus E-P5
Telescope/Lens Orion 8" f/3.9 Astrograph
Mount Celestron CGEM
Coma Corrector Baader MPCC Mark III
Collimator Orion LaserMate
Focusing Bahtinov mask
Acquisition Manual (remote shutter)
Guiding None
Processing Registax 6, PixInsight 1.8

Say hello to ol' reliable, our regular visitor, the Moon!  In this shot in waning gibbous light, we get just a touch of the rust and blue colored highlights on the surface of the moon alongside nice broad areas of the "lunar maria" (moon seas).  The maria, which present themselves in darker colors than the rest of the lunar surface, are evidence of past volcanic activity.

This composition is sourced by only a few quick exposures, combined together to maximize surface detail.  Surely a much larger set of exposures will bring out considerable clarity, but we'll leave that for a different day!

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